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Подарочный сертификат на полет на воздушном шаре Крит, Афины, Греция

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my children on the flight?

Yes, you can, but only if they are at least six years old. An important condition: children must strictly follow the rules of conduct during the flight, so that the journey is safe for them. Parents are fully responsible for their minor child.

How many people can fit into a balloon basket?

Our company operates several balloons. A maximum 10-12 people can fit in a balloon basket. The exact number of people in the basket depends on the total weight. Each balloon has a maximum permissible lifting weight.

Can I invite my private photographer?

We cooperate with several professional photographers with experience in aerial photography, so that the photo shooting will be successful and safe.

If the participation of your photographer is important for you, we will not refuse. If you book the flight in a mini-group, the seat for the photographer is paid additionally (if there are free seats for the date of the flight).

If you want to take a photographer on a private flight, please note that you need to leave a seat for him in the basket when you plan the number of participants.

When do the flights take place?

Flights take place all year round, but the bulk of the flights take place between May and October. We are concerned about safety, so we plan our flights carefully and in the best possible weather conditions.

Safety depends on weather conditions, that is why we cancel tours on bad weather days (when it is raining or there is a strong wind).

The best time of year for flights is spring and autumn, when there is no extreme hot weather.

Flights are early in the morning, at sunrise, or in the evening, before sunset. At this time of day, the wind calms down.

Where do the flights take place?

In Crete the flights take place on the Lassithi Plateau. The plateau is located in the eastern part of Crete at an altitude of 850 meters above the sea. It is a very scenic place, where you can take stunningly beautiful pictures. Lassithi Plateau is famous for its unusual windmills and the cave, where according to the myth Zeus was born. Flying over the city of Athens is forbidden. In this reason, all flights for this region are carried out near the town of Thebes. The majestic mountains, blue lakes and contrasting green meadows. This place is full of special energy, and from a bird’s-eye view of the Greek nature.

Wherever the balloon flight takes place you can be 100% sure that it will be unforgettable!

How to prepare for a balloon flight?

Very few people get motion sickness during a flight, but it is recommended to avoid oily foods and, especially, alcohol before the trip.

If you usually get motion sickness in transport, it is better to take a pill against it.

We also do not recommend drinking lots of liquids before the tour — the flight lasts 40-50 minutes and there is no toilet on board.

How should I be dressed for the flight?

For the flight is usual to choose clothes made of cotton in a sporty style. It should be comfortable and do not constrain your movements. For women it is better to wear pants, not a skirt, as the basket has a quite high board, so it will be easier to climb into the basket in pants.

The whole flight you will have to stand, so the shoes must be as comfortable as possible, without heels, for example: sneakers.

Be sure to wear a hat so the sun does not heat your head.

The temperature at altitude drops about 2°C per 1,000 feet (304 meters), so it is not likely to be very cold. The wind, however, can make you feel uncomfortable — it’s a good idea to bring a jacket.

What to bring with me?

We recommend to our guests to bring sunglasses — the bright sun may disturb the enjoyment of the view.

If you bring a camera or plan to take pictures on your mobile phone, it is better to hang it on a lanyard or chain to avoid dropping it down.

How will I get to the starting point?

The day before the flight you will receive detailed information about the time and place of the start. Acceptable delay to the start point is 10 minutes. If you wish we can organize transfer from your hotel by a comfortable minivan or a minibus. The transport depends of the program you choose. Transfer service is extra charged.

How does the flight go?

If you have booked a transfer, you will be picked up from your hotel by a comfortable minivan or minibus (the size of transport depends on the program). If not, our representative will send you the geolocation of the meeting point and the pick-up time.

After arrival at the starting point you will be instructed on how to behave during the flight. This is to ensure that the tour is absolutely safe for you. You will be able to take part in unpacking and inflating the balloon.

The flights start at approximately 07:30 am and 07:00 pm. The flight duration is about 40-50 minutes. The length of the flight depends on the program and weather conditions.

After landing you will be served with champagne and light snacks or sweets (for romantic journey), certificate of participation in the flight and a souvenir (for every program — different).

If you ordered a transfer, you will be taken back to the hotel. If you arrived on your own, you will be taken back to the meeting point.

Can I sit in the balloon basket?

There are no seats in the basket. Also, sitting down you can’t see anything.

How long does the flight last?

The flight lasts about 40-50 minutes. The flight time depends on the program and weather conditions.

What comes after landing?

The end of the flight will be different for each program.

The morning programs in Crete: flights in mini groups, individual flights and » celebration in the air » end with a Cretan breakfast and a glass of sparkling champagne. As a memento of the flight, each guest will receive a certificate and a souvenir from VIVA let’s fly (we’ve chosen a special souvenir for each program).

The morning programs in Athens: flights in small groups, individual flights and » Celebration in the air » end with snacks and a glass of sparkling champagne. Every guest will receive a certificate and a souvenir from VIVA let’s fly (we’ve chosen a special souvenir for every program) as a memento of the flight.

After the romantic evening program in Athens, champagne and sweets will be waiting for our guests. For lovers we’ve prepared romantic gifts.

If you booked a transfer, after the flight we will take you back to the hotel by a comfortable minivan or a minibus, the size of the transport depends on the chosen program. If not, you get to the hotel on your own.

Why a flight can be cancelled?

The safety of the flight depends on the weather conditions. If the weather on the day of the flight is rainy or windy, we will be forced to cancel the flight. In that case, the flight will be rescheduled to a new date that is convenient for guests.

How can I book my flight?

The flight can be booked on our website, by phone or through social networks: Facebook / Instagram

How can I cancel my booking?

If the flight is not possible due to weather conditions and the guest leaves Greece before the next flight date, we will cancel the reservation and issue a refund.

In all other cases (if you change your mind about flying, if you are late for your flight, etc.) we can not provide a refund.

If the weather is bad, the flight will be rescheduled to another date.

Can I get a flight discount?

For guests who fly with us more than once, we give a 10% discount.

We also often run promotions. Sign up and follow our social networks to be the first to know about good deals.

Is it safe?

The balloons are operated by certified pilots, and they estimate the route and time of the flight based on the weather forecast and current weather conditions. We won’t start the flight until the weather conditions are perfect.

Do you have documents/permits to fly?

Yes, the pilots were trained at the European Ballooning School. We have a license to organize hot air balloon tours.

How to behave during the flight?

Before the start of the flight, the pilot will explain in details the safety instructions for the flight.

The main thing to remember: you cannot touch the internal equipment of the balloon (ropes, hoses, valves), you cannot hang over the board or sit on it, you cannot climb into or out of the basket without the permission of the pilot.

During the flight you can hold on to the rope loops on the sides of the basket. When the balloon lands you need to bend your knees slightly and hold on to the rope loops well. After landing, you must not leave the basket without the pilot’s permission.

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