The Story of VIVA let’s fly!

The Story of VIVA let’s fly!

We are a married couple who are always looking for something new and unusual, and in completely different areas. After many years of experience in tourism, in 2017 we decided to go into the yachting business. It was important for us to learn the new business from every side. First we learned how to sail, got our skippers’ licenses and then we bought our first sailing catamaran.

In a few years our sailing company became one of the most successful on Crete. And, of course, we didn’t stop at one sailing catamaran.

«Yachts are in the sea… but what about the air?» without a second thought we decided to develop in this area. For more than five years we were hatching the idea of organizing balloon flights in Greece. We were communicating with the professionals of this business, were finding out about the necessary documents, and most importantly, we were looking for a ballooning school to get the license.

We live in Greece. And no one here had ever heard about hot air balloons. Fortunately, we met a wonderful man, a professional with 30 years experience in aeronautics. He advised us to a European school, where we completed the training, successfully passed the necessary practice and got our licenses.

By the way, our names are Sergey and Karina. We know Greece very well, especially the island of Crete, and enjoy hot air ballooning to the maximum.

Our business is an integral part of life, so we decided to name the company «VIVA let’s fly!» in honor of our third daughter, Viviana. When she was born, we started commercial balloon flights so that anyone could have a unique opportunity to enjoy Greece from above.

Years of experience in tourism helped us to understand exactly what a traveler needs on vacation. Flights are carried out in strict compliance with all safety rules. We have thought of every detail: transfers, professional crew, additional services and memorable gifts for our guests.

With «VIVA let’s fly!» you will not only enjoy a balloon flight, but also discover Greece from different and unknown side.

We hope that flying with us will leave an unforgettable impression of bright emotions in your mind.

Sincerely yours
Pilots Sergey and Karina
always at your service!