Flight programs in Crete Private flight in Crete

Private flight

from € 1100 per tour
Quantity of people: up to 4
Flight duration: ≈ 40 minutes
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This program is for those who is looking for a new experience on Crete. The flight is private, that means there will be no strangers, but only you, your friends and the pilot.

We takeoff at dawn so you can enjoy a magnificent sunrise in the mountains. Our trip will take place over the Lassithi plateau which is one of the most picturesque places on Crete.

We cooperate with the photographers, who will organise a professional photoshooting for you to rember your flight during many years.

This program includes 40 minutes flight, champagne and breakfast in cretan taverna, also you will get souvenir and certificate from «VIVA let’s fly» to remember your flight. We offer some special presents for all of the participants of the flight.

If you book a transfer, we will bring you to the takeoff place from any hotel on Crete by comfortable mini van or mini bus (depends on the quantity of people) and after the flight we will bring you back to your hotel.


  • Flight
  • Champagne
  • Breakfast
  • Member Certificate
  • Souvenir for memory

Not included

  • Transfer
  • Other extra services

You need to know

The hot air balloon flight is full of new bright emotions. Everyone who has been in the balloon basket at least once says that they felt surprising lightness and freedom during the flight.

Hot air balloon is a very unusual type of transport. In order to get only good emotions from the flight and make it safe you need to remember several things

Before the flight

There is no wheel or engine in hot air balloon. It is the only air transport which moves freely in the air. That’s why if you want to see the exact specific object/place during the flight please tell us in advance. So we will plan our flight, we can start from that place or we will wait for the perfect time to fly over that place.

To start the flight there supposed to be a field or a piece of land (50 meters x 50 meters square) or any place except for specific controlled air space, where it is possible to fly only with a special permission. If this place is marked on the air navigation map as a restricted area (for example NATO’s airfield, Adazi training camp, gas storage etc) in this case we will have to change the flight route. If the airspace is restricted or closed because of military or aviation trainings, the flight will be rescheduled to a different time and place, when and where it will be possible to arrange the flight.

If the pilot is asking you to tell him what is your weight, please, don’t be offended. This information is needed to make a calculation of air balloon’s lifting weight in accordance with the air temperature.

The warmer weather is, the smaller weight the air balloon can lift. That’s why in winter time the air balloon’s lifting force is greater and balloon can stay in the air longer, so you will be able to enjoy the views of the land in its white beauty longer as well.

If you booked the transfer we will pick you up from the hotel with mini-van or mini-bus (depends on the program and the quantity of people).

If you didn’t book the transfer we will send you an SMS or email with all the details (the meeting point and time) approximately 12 hours before the flight.

There are not many people who get sick during the flight, but we would recommend you to don’t eat fatty foods and don’t drink alcohol.

If you often get sick in transport, it would be better if you take some medicine.

If you have any health problems or you are pregnant, we recommend you to talk to your doctor.

We recommend you to wear comfortable sport style clothes and shoes, also wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the active sun. Usually it’s pretty windy so we recommend you to take a jacket with you.

The flight depends on the weather (clouds, wind strength, precipitation). The flight can be arranged, if there is no prescription, no fog and the wind strength is less then 5 m/s. We check the weather forecast before the flight, but sometimes the weather can change. We are responsible for the safety of our clients and the flight can be cancelled even before the start, if the weather conditions does not allow us to fly.


Before the flight our pilot will explain how you need to act: what you can or can not do during the flight. This simple rules will help your flight become safe and comfortable.

During the flight

It is forbidden: pull the ropes and tubes; open and close the valves; hang over or seat on the boards of the balloon basket; take with you on board the weapon and explosives, firework for example; smoke in the balloon basket; drink alcohol; seat on the basket’s floor.

Allowed: hold on to the rope loops on the sides of the basket; take pictures and shoot videos; carefully monitor personal belongings so that they do not fall overboard; enjoy the view.

Usually the duration of the flight is 40-50 minutes, but because of the weather issues or some other obstacles we might need to land immediately. In this case the time of the flight will be shortened without rescheduling the flight to another day. The money paid for this flight will not be returned also.

During the landing

Hot air balloon landing will give you very unusual emotions. During the landing you need to hold on to the rope loops on the basket’s boards until the balloon stops moving.

In order to make landing more comfortable you need to bend your knees a little at the moment when the balloon almost toches the ground.

You can leave the balloon basket only after getting the pilot’s permission.

After the flight

After landing you will get the champagne and traditional cretan breakfast (for morning programs) and champagne and sweets (for evening programs).

All participants of the flight will get the certificate and a souvenir (different for every program) to remember your flight with «VIVA let’s fly».

If you’ve booked a transfer we will bring you back to your hotel. If you didn’t book the transfer you will go back on your own.

The flight’s cancellation procedure

If the weather doesn’t allow us to fly, the flight will be rescheduled. That’s why we recommend you to plan the flight at the beginning of your vacation on Crete.

If you are leaving Crete before the next available date of flight, we will return your money.

If the flight is canceled because of you (you were late, decided not to fly etc) unfortunately we won’t be able to return your money.