Shoot on a Go-Pro camera

Shoot on a Go-Pro camera

In case you want some emotional, spontaneous and memorable photos, we have a GoPro camera.

GoPro is light and compact. You don’t need to set it up — the camera features automatic modes that make it easy to capture the best moments of your trip. GoPro is more reliable than your smartphone — it has a very durable, virtually unbreakable body. And with special mounts, the camera can be placed almost anywhere to get an unusual angle. It does a great job shooting in high humidity conditions. It has special anti-fog inserts that soak up excess moisture and save you from foggy, blurry shots.

You can take cool selfies and equally cool group photos with your GoPro. And the wide-angle shooting will help you capture huge panoramas in terms of area. This will be relevant during a tour — the route goes over scenic valleys surrounded by mountains. GoPro camera will help you keep the emotions of a hot air balloon flight alive and enjoy them for many years.

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